Nebraska football: The best plays for the Huskers in the first half against Minnesota

In what is going to go down as the best first half for the Huskers of the Scott Frost era, there were some plays that stood out on October 20.

The Nebraska football team is finally playing like Huskers fans had hoped from day one. Leading 28-7 at the half, there were plenty of plays that stood out as the top plays.


Devine goes long

Devine Ozigbo has been playing like one of the best backs in the Big Ten recently. This 40-yard run gave the Huskers a 7-0 lead.


The Big sack

The Huskers' defense showed up and stopped Minnesota on this drive with a sack.


Ozigbo goes again

If that 40-yard run wasn't good enough, Devine Ozigbo decided to run for 59 yards for this touchdown to give the team a 14-0 lead.


The stop on downs

The Husker defense allowed Minnesota to convert on their first three third downs. Then it started bowing up.


The stop on downs

Not only did the Huskers stop Minnesota on third down here, they stopped them on fourth down as well.


Getting it through the air

The Huskers scored three rushing touchdowns in the first half, but they also scored through the air. Adrian Martinez was absolutely on fire in the first half.

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