Honeymoon Destinations: 6 places vying for attention on the tourist map

Iceland is a great place to visit. - [Al Jazeera English / YouTube screencap]
Iceland is a great place to visit. - [Al Jazeera English / YouTube screencap]

With a variety of destinations coming up on the radar, newly married couples have a wider choice to enjoy their honeymoon.

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Costa Rica

This is a good destination for adventure-minded couples. There are rain forests in Costa Rica and a new macaw sanctuary is in the cards, with additional nature trails. A brand new beach house is also coming up which promises to offer water sports like paddle boards, kayaks, beach bikes and, jet skis. The unblemished beach and rain forest adventures add to the charm.



Hawaii has become a popular destination, thanks to Kilauea, which is the most active volcano on Earth. It has been spewing lava for quite a while and people are flocking to watch the molten lava flowing into the water. There are also volcanoes and waterfall swim tours, which provide a closer view of Kilauea. Beach resorts add to the beauty of Hawaii. The island's clear waters, tropical sunsets, and lush greenery make this a romantic getaway, with snorkeling trips and horseback rides.

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