Best Bets In The Big Ten For Week 8

Best bets in the Big Ten for Week 8 [Image via SI/YouTube]
Best bets in the Big Ten for Week 8 [Image via SI/YouTube]

While it's only for fun, this is where you should come in order to see what picks to play in the Big Ten.

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Check out what we see as the best bets in the Big Ten this weekend. Having said that, this is where we’ll place what is certain to become the disclaimer that these are just game picks. Money isn't being placed on these picks and never will be.


Michigan (-7.5)

The Wolverines will take on the Michigan State Spartans on Saturday morning. This game is usually a slugfest. This year the two squads are going in opposite directions. The Wolverines are going to win in a rare romp.


Iowa Hawkeyes (-9)

Iowa takes on Maryland on Saturday. While the Terapins are a better team than they have been in recent years, Iowa is on a real roll. Their offense is better than expected and their defense is the usual solid squad. They may not blow out Maryland, but the Hawkeyes will win by at least 10.

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