5 revelations from singer Tina Turner in her autobiography Tina Turner: My Love Story

Tina Turner reveals that her husband donated one kidney to save her life.


Tina Turner reveals her husband donated his kidney

Tina Turner reveals husband donated his kidney for her transplant to save her life. This was revealed in an upcoming autobiography Tina Turner: My Love Story; Publisher Penguin released extracts from the book on Saturday. Tina Turner also contemplated assisted suicide before her husband Erwin Bach offered her his kidney


Tina Turner reveals she tried to kill herself

Tina Turner revealed that she contemplated suicide many times after being fed up with the physical and mental abuse at the hands of her first husband.


Husband went to whore house on the wedding night

Tina revealed that after making their union official in 1962 with a quickie ceremony in Tijuana, her husband went to a whore house on the wedding night.


Her original name was Anna Mae Bullock and husband gave the name Tina Turner

Tina revealed that her husband gave her name and he insisted her to take his surname implying both marriage and a certain degree of ownership. Her husband trademarked the name “Tina Turner.”


Tina ended her relationship with Ex Husband Ike in 1976

Tina Turner fled from her husband in 1976 with a Mobil Card and 36 cents. The scene was famously dramatized in the 1993 biopic “What’s Love Got to do with it”:

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