5 questions surrounding the Chicago Cubs offense that need to be answered this offseason

The Chicago Cubs have some issues with their offense. Some questions need answers before the Spring.

If the Chicago Cubs are going to get back to the World Series they are going to need to make their offense that much better. In order to do that, they're going to have to figure out answers to their most pressing questions.


What happens to Albert Almora?

Almora didn't have a terrible 2018 season overall but that's mostly because he was red hot early on. Over the second half of the season his slash line was .232/.267/.280. That's not the kind of slash line the Cubs can afford to have in the lineup every day. Does Chicago hope he can repeat what we saw in the first half, or do they replace him or relegate him to 5th outfielder.


What happens to Ian Happ?

Happ had a fantastic rookie season in 2017. His season in 2018 was largely just bad. He hit less homers (15 compared to 24) and struck out more. Speaking of bad second halves, he hit less than .200 in the second half of the season but he wasn't awesome in the first half. Do the Cubs package him in a deal? It's hard to know if there's room on the bench for Happ, even if he can play multiple positions.


Is Kris Bryant's shoulder going to be healthy in 2019?

Kris Bryant played most of the season with a bad shoulder. Even when he came back from the DL it was clear he was still hurt. Is this something that haunts him beyond the 2018 season? Cubs fans are going to be holding their breaths in the spring to see if his power is back.


What do they do with Addison Russell?

Addison Russell had a terrible season at the plate. He also had a terrible season off the field. Do the Cubs bring him back? He's going to miss the first 40 games of the season. Will that be used as an excuse to get rid of him? Upgrading offensively at shortstop should be a key to the Cubs' offseason.


Can Anthony Lapoce have an immediate impact?

The Cubs new hitting coach is going to have all Chicago Cubs fans' eyes on him this coming season. Was Chili Davis really a big part of the problem? Can he turn it around? How is he going to mesh with Joe Maddon? Big questions surround the newest member of the Cubs coaching staff.

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