5 of the best Twitter reactions to the new Doctor Who

Jodie Whitaker officially debuted as the 13th Doctor and the Twitterverse was alight in reactions.


Entertainment websites were as excited as Average Joe and Jane

The new Doctor Who debuted on Sunday afternoon (October 7) US time, and it wasn't just the average viewer who was excited to see what Jodie Whitaker brings to the character.


Scary storyline

While most people were reacting to the new Doctor, there were plenty of fans who were spooked and drawn right into the season's first storyline.


Its looks like a Smurfsey's Chocolate Kiss

This blue hershey's kiss shaped contraption grabbed the attention of more than a few viewers of the season debut.


Blown away

Some viewers were so blown away by the episode of "Doctor Who," they were literally blowing their top.


The whole family was in on the act

It's not just human viewers of "Doctor Who" that were quite intrigued by what Jodie Whitaker brought to the role.

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