5 creepy legends, stories to come out of Alaska

Every state has their fair share of creepy stories that only the locals know. Alaska is no different.

When you are talking about spooky stories and legends, it should come as no surprise that Alaska has its fair share. The wide open spaces, low population base, and plenty of wilderness almost breed these kinds of stories. Check out five of them below.


The Butcher Baker

This first one isn't a legend. It's a true story about one of the worst serial killers in the country. Robert Hansen terrorized Alaskan women from 1971 to 1983. He raped and killed at least 17 and could have had more than 30 victims. If rape and murder weren't enough, he would also fly the women to the Alaskan wilderness in his private plane, then dump them, and hunt them.


The Alaskan Saberwolf

This is very much a legend that has quite a massive following. The Alaskan Saberwolf is supposed to be a remnant of prehistoric giant wolves. The Saberwolf is said to have killed dozens of people by biting their heads off. At least one television crew has said they came within feet of being its next victims.


Alaskan Lake Monster

You've heard of the Loch Ness monster, but have you heard of the Iliamna Lake monster? Supposedly, it's very similar to the giant water lizard that has troubled the Scottish Isles for centuries. The most popular story about this creature involves a man flying a sea plane over the lake with caribou meat attached to hooks on the bottom of the craft. The story goes that something latched onto the meat and was strong enough to drag the plane out of the air and all around the lake.


Kennecott Copper Mine

The Kennecott Copper Mine used to be one of the most productive mines in the state of Alaska. Then, the railroad moved and the town the mine existed in dwindled to almost nothing. These days, it's no longer active, unless you mean with ghosts. It's considered the most haunted copper mine in the country, with ghosts of old miners and executives wandering about.


Alaskan Bigfoot

It should come as no surprise that Bigfoot is a legend that is alive and well in Alaska. He's well known for hanging out in wooded areas and that means he's going to have the run of the place in Alaska. One popular TV show went on the hunt for him and claims to have found numerous pieces of evidence. They even claim to have found where he was living. They still haven't been able to find the creature itself.

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