As "Star Wars Episode IX" is in production, set to conclude the Skywalker storyline, fans are wondering how they will close out the six film trilogy. Recently released set photos reveal a jungle environment, leaving fans to speculate on where the heroes have escaped to.

The photos show a new jungle world that our heroes have discovered. Cinema Blend first reported on the photos, saying that they were taken from Black Park, which is near Pinewood Studios, where most of the filming is being done. Black Park is mostly forest, but the film's crew have dressed up the trees to make it look more like a jungle.

While the shooting location is still being constructed, fans have spotted what appears to be the Millenium Falcon, which leads many to believe that the remaining Resistance force is there. Comic Book has said that there were plans for the film to be shot in Laos, which may have been scrapped and replaced with this recent shoot in Black Park.

Star Wars has filmed many times in extremely wooded areas. "The Return of the Jedi" filmed Endor among the giant redwoods in Northern California, which looks similar to Black Park.

Black Park often used by movie productions

Black Park is often used as a shooting location for those using Pinewood Studios. This location has been used in multiple James Bond films, the Harry Potter franchise, and "Captain America: The First Avenger."

It's still unclear what the plan is for this location, but there will probably be more leaks revealing more in terms of what this jungle-based planet will be for and why it's important in "Star Wars Episode IX." Some have suggested a cave on the planet that leads to a Rebel base.

Jungle planet photos not the only set photos to be leaked

The final film fell victim to set photo leaks last month, when photos were released showing Finn, Poe Dameron and Chewbacca on a mission. The photos did not reveal much in regard to spoilers, but showed that fans should be on the lookout for leaks during the filming process of J.J.

Abrams' final Star Wars film.

Screen Rant has suggested that newly appointed Star Wars director Abrams could be doing a casual remake of "Return of the Jedi," but it's too early to take that suggestion seriously. Star Wars star Oscar Isaac commented on the current status of the Resistance, saying that they have become guerrilla fighters, coming out of hiding to do quick attacks while trying to hide from the Empire.