Amazon just launched its second Amazon Go store in Seattle, Washington. The Verge reported that they launched the store earlier than their projected launch date. The latest opening is part of the company's latest roll-out of its cashier-less store.

The company is planning on launching more stores in other cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. This new store is much smaller than the first Amazon Go store. The new store will not include a working kitchen and liquor section. The store caters to office workers and will offer baked goods, ready-to-eat meals, as well as Amazon's own Blue-Apron style meal kits.

The new location will only be open between 7 AM and 7 PM on weekdays. The first store opened in 2016. TechCrunch said that Amazon was planning on opening six Amazon Go locations in 2018. They have not publicly disclosed their current plan. The company previously shared job postings that hinted at store openings in other cities.

The technology used remains the same in new store

The Amazon Go store technology remains the same. Amazon has said that there are countless cameras mounted overhead that track shoppers’ movements from every angle, weight sensors on the shelves, and the Amazon Go mobile app. The stores are a major advancement in technology and have stirred up several competitors who are struggling to compete with Amazon.

While the technology used is similar, the location size is now 1,450 square feet instead of the original 3,000 square feet. While the size may be small, Amazon could still grow later, down the road, if they choose to do so.

Some companies have questioned replacing human employees with cameras and other technology. Amazon is aimed at reducing headcount despite complaints made by consumers.

While not hiring as many people as they originally may have, workers now may be able to gain access to better and higher paying jobs. Currently, the immediate result is the sudden layoffs.

The newest Amazon-Go store has fewer choices

Because of its 1,450 square feet, Amazon Go had to get rid of many grocery staples including milk and bread, as well as its liquor selection.

Instead of its regular in-store kitchen, the fresh food will be provided by an Amazon kitchen facility in Washington.

Jeff Bezos and his company are attempting to break into the grocery market by offering its own grocery-delivery service, as well as recently buying the Whole Foods Market. Along with grocery items, the new store offers Amazon Go-branded merchandise like water bottles and mugs. Amazon continues to expand its reach on the market and recently reached a deal with the Pentagon to provide its cloud services.