The first amendment specifically protects freedom of speech, of this there is no doubt. The Constitution granted this right so citizens could express themselves without fearing repercussions. Your speech does not have to be popular to be protected. It is protected to ensure that when the government is wrong, then you can speak up. The Constitution was not written to protect citizens but, specifically – to protect those citizens from the government.

The people responsible for this document wrote it right after they fought a war to earn their independence.

This document grew from this war against a government that did not grant these types of freedoms. They wanted to protect the future generations and ensure that ordinary citizens are heard. That is why it is appalling that the White House would ban a reporter from a press event.

Kaitlin Collins banned from a press event

Kaitlin Collins asked about Michael Cohen and the tapes he recorded of conversations with him and Donald Trump. It was a breaking news story. Trump has a reputation for answering these questions. She took a chance and got rebuked.

They told her later that she was uninvited from a press event that afternoon – a highly unusual situation coming from the office that is elected to protect our freedoms.

Other reporters at the event did not think the move was warranted, because they believe the question she asked was relevant and she did not show any obnoxious or rude behavior.

This looks like a deliberate attempt to suppress the media. Whether you are a fan of main street media or not, this type of behavior cannot be tolerated.

This is a clear violation of Kaitlin Collins' first amendment rights.

Trump’s media staff backpedals when asked about the incident with Kaitlin Collins

White House communications director, Bill Shine's reaction, was that they never used the word ban. They can call it whatever they want, but the bottom line is they told Kaitlin Collins that she was not allowed to attend an event.

They have no right to decide who attends unless the president’s life is threatened.

Kaitlin Collins has the right to ask any question. The person leading the press conference, briefing, or event decides whether to answer it. They do not have the right to prevent the questions being asked.

Fox News responds to banning CNN reporter

Multiple reporters from Fox News supported CNN. According to the Blaze, Bret Haier faced criticism for protecting the freedom of the press. This is a competing network that regularly ridicules the reporting done by CNN. He understood the importance of ensuring the press has the freedom to ask pertinent questions.

Shep Smith from Fox News also covered the story. He covered statements from CNN, White House Correspondent’s Association, and Trump’s media staff.

He covered every angle and his conclusion was to back CNN over the communication staff of Donald Trump.

The importance of the first amendment

The first amendment grants us the right to speak against the government, public institutions, or businesses without fear of reprisal. The views might not be popular and contradict the views of these entities, like when Kobe Bryant shared his thoughts on Kanye West's slavery comments, but this does not give them the right to censor individuals. If the speech does not invoke violence or physical harm, then the speech has to be allowed.

This same administration that is crusading against Twitter’s shadow ban on conservatives, has now decided it is OK to remove reporters from their press events.

No one has the right to ban or boycott a company or individual. It's not like David Hogg's boycott of Laura Ingraham. Personally, I do not watch CNN, but that will never make me support a ban on them. That would be censorship and the first amendment makes that behavior unlawful.

This type of behavior has been permitted for too long. Everyone must fight for protection against constitutional violations. The beautiful part of America is that you do not fight for the words, but the individual's right to those words. Freedom of speech is not a popularity contest, it is a right granted to all by the US Constitution.