"The Bachelorette" episode that aired on Monday, June 11 was an unusual one. It wasn't because of the short time that ABC cut in to show viewers the historic handshake between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jung-un when they met for the first time.

The episode was unusual because not one, but two bachelors, ended up in the hospital. The injury of the first one wasn't as severe as the second one.

David Ravitz injured

David Ravitz was the contestant who met Becca on the first night wearing a chicken suit. He was absent from the last episode because he suffered a medical emergency and ended up in intensive care.

The other contestants saw blood everywhere, and they thought David was going to die. It turned out that David had fallen out of his top bunk bed. He said he had been accustomed to sleeping in a queen-size bed, and he rolled over and landed face down on the floor. The 26-year-old man was taken to the hospital with a busted nose and a bruised face.

David didn't leave the show, so viewers will see him next week because he has been released from the hospital. However, people might be surprised by what his face will look like since his injury was bad enough for him to be in intensive care.

He might have to wear the chicken head in the next episode because his face was blurred out so viewers could not see what it looked like during the preview for next week's episode.

Clay Harbor's injury

Another injury occurred which was quite different. NFL player Clay Harbor suffered an injury that was more severe than Ravitz's injury.

The suitor injured his left wrist while playing tackle football with other contestants while on a group date.

It is unbelievable because Harbor was the most experienced one on the field and the only one who got hurt. The 30-year-old football player had previously been a tight end for the New Orleans Saints, but he is currently a free agent.

Clay had to make a hard decision to stay on the show or take his doctor's advice to have surgery on his wrist. Therefore, the football player left "The Bachelorette" at the end of Monday night's episode. Becca Kufrin gave him the group date rose before he departed. The show was taped months ago, so Clay's wrist has healed. The surgery was successful, but he had to endure many hours of therapy.

Clay withdrew from the show

Even though Clay agreed to leave the show early, he has no regrets about competing for Becca's heart for the short time that he did.

He tweeted that he was going to turn what happened to him into something positive. He added that he is ready to hit the field again when he is picked up by a football team.