Global warming has led to drought in Navajo Nation and 191 feral horses perished in their search of water. It seems they got stuck in a stock pond as they tried to locate a source of water to quench their thirst. They fell victim to the ongoing drought and famine in the region, as explained by Navajo leaders.

CNN reports that Navajo Nation Vice President Jonathan Nez has clarified the incident. The feral horses needed water for survival and were searching for a source but, they burrowed themselves into the mud and were not able to come out. They lacked the strength to escape to freedom.

It is a major humanitarian issue

The stock pond was located in Gray Mountain and some of the feral horses were found submerged in the mud at various depths. This was revealed by an official of the office of the president and vice president. In order to take care of the situation, chemicals will be used to hasten the decomposition process and the carcasses will be disposed of on-site. Incidents of this nature are not new to the area and it is a seasonal issue.

Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye has indicated that overpopulation of feral horses is a major problem with more than 50,000 of them around. A drought emergency was declared for the Navajo Nation in March because it has hit the southwestern United States resulting in dry conditions in northern New Mexico and adjoining regions.

In fact, millions of people in Arizona are at the receiving end of such vagaries of nature.

No signs of foul play

According to KOB 4, President Russell Begaye and Vice President Jonathan Nez of Navajo Nation had visited Tuba City, Arizona, to assess the situation. Preliminary investigation has revealed that the feral horses were found dead in a stock pond in Gray Mountain.

They were presumed to be searching for water in the drought-stricken region to stay alive. There was no question of any foul play because there are no signs of them being shot down or maliciously killed by anyone. The animals burrowed themselves into the mud, and could not escape since they did not have the strength.

This is an example of global warming and its effect on our surroundings.

When there is drought, there is a drop in ground water levels and consequent shortage of water. The animals had gone in search of water and died. When it comes to humans, they will have to wait for relief from the administration or migrate to other places where such a situation does not exist.