If you are dealing with the smells that permeate an older home, that disinfectant and air fresheners have no effect on, don't despair. You don't have to spend a lot of money to be rid of them. Should you have a newer house or apartment that retains scents you don't enjoy there is a simple method that will help you as well. Charcoal can be used to eliminate the odors that are causing you discomfort. This is an inexpensive household hack to keep your house from stinking and you can also have fun and be creative in how you do it. You will save money and prevent the irritation that may come from chemical products.

Charcoal will do the job without the possibility of side effects.

Charcoal removes older home odor

Any home or apartment can develop odors, but older houses or buildings have a distinct smell of their own. You may have tried disinfectant sprays, aerosol air fresheners, plugins. You may even have invested in green products or homemade solutions that are supposed to freshen the air in your home, to no avail. If candles, incense, baking soda, and other things you tried are only temporary solutions, know that the charcoal hack comes highly recommended.

Charcoal has the unique ability to rid your house or apartment of all that stinks, by absorbing the offending odors.

even the older home smell. It is important to purchase regular charcoal briquettes that need lighter fluid. The match light versions have harsh chemicals so please shop with care. Kingsford is a popular brand of this staple for many cookouts but store versions may be cheaper. The price ranges from $4.00-$15.00 depending on the size of the bag.

You will find charcoal in most grocery stores, or Family Dollar and Dollar General.

How to use the charcoal

To receive the benefit of charcoal simply place the briquettes throughout your home. Put them in cups, small baskets, or decorative containers and place them on counters, table tops, bookshelves, sinks, and even the back of the commode.

You can be creative in what you use to place the charcoal in and it will blend in with the rest of your decor. If there is a room that has a particularly bad odor you can place several containers of the briquettes in various areas. This hack will save you time and money as well as keeping the smells out of your home.

You can also place a few pieces of charcoal inside your refrigerator and freezer. Wherever you use this method, it is recommended that you replace the brisques about every five weeks. A bonus is that you do not have to throw them away, You can use them on the grill at your next cookout, so there is a double benefit to this household hack. The charcoal begins working immediately and does not give off an odor of its own. The air in your house or apartment will soon be rid of the odors that have been vexing you.