A federal judge has released “Smallville” actress Allison Mack on a $5 million bond. Mack has pleaded not guilty to recruiting women to join the secret organization known as Nxivm. Prosecutors claim the group treated women as slaves by providing sexual and financial services for the leaders.

NBC News reports that Mack faces charges relating to sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, and conspiracy to commit forced labor. New York US District Court judge Viktor Pohorelsky released Mack but prohibited her from using any electronics and she can only travel for court appearances and legal meetings.

Mack will be electronically monitored while at her parents’ home.

Nxivm is facing serious criminal charges

According to prosecutors, Mack and Keith Raniere are the heads of Nxivm. According to court documents, prosecutors allege that the group requires women to provide collateral in exchange for membership and demanded they perform labor and sex acts.

Keith Raniere had been arrested by law enforcement in Mexico, after being accused of forcing female members of the group into performing sex acts with him and then branding the women with his initials. As part of the judge’s ruling, Allison Mack can no longer communicate with past and present members of the alleged “cult.”

Allison Mack may have received financial compensation for illegal activities

Nxivm continues to deny the accusations made against the leadership.

Nxivm released a statement saying that they are working to show their innocence and true character. According to tweets from 2016, Mack allegedly attempted to recruit actresses like Emma Watson.

According to court documents, prosecutors allege that Mack required her slaves, including two unidentified victims, to engage in sex with Raniere.

Mack would later receive financial benefits from Raniere. The two victims say if they did not participate with Raniere, that their collateral would be released.

Nxivm is based in New York and has several branches across the United States, Mexico, Canada, and South America. Legal experts have called Nxivm a Pyramid Scheme because its courses cost thousands and each member is encouraged to recruit others to take these classes, so they can rise within the ranks. Allison Mack is best known for playing Chloe Sullivan on Smallville.” Sullivan was a close friend to Superman. She also starred on the hit FX show “Wilfred.” Mack has not publicly made a statement.