There are a plethora of Products targeted toward new parents, and preparing for a newborn can become incredibly overwhelming. Reading the comments on a parenting blog will show how advice can vary and be full of contradictions, while companies like to list their products as absolutely essential when in fact those items often go unused. Forget all that noise and stick to the basics, to save you money and time. And while there are no guarantees, as every baby is unique and different brands work for different people, here are five everyday must-haves under $20 for parents – tried and tested by the mother of a newborn.

1. A diaper cream brush

Baby Bum is the one to get. Who wants thick diaper cream all over their hands? Parents already wash their hands a million times a day so any help in this department is a great thing. Not to mention, it’s also a lot more sanitary for the baby. And it can be wiped clean with a baby wipe when you’re done. There is also a handy little suction on the other end of it so it never has to touch any surfaces. You don’t have to be OCD to appreciate that.

2. A baby nasal aspirator

FridaBaby is awesome. It’s easy to get a little grossed out at first and skeptical of such a thing but once you’ve seen the size of the boogers that come out babies’ tiny little noses, you’ll be shocked and very happy to have one of these.

It can be used to help babies breath but also comes in handy when you don’t want all of your relatives staring at the huge booger sticking out of your daughter’s nose at Christmas dinner. It’s safe, quick and super easy to use. An absolute must have.

3. A baby nail clipper

FridaBaby is also great for this but really, you just need a good baby Nail Clipper.

It’s a must! Quality hospitals will often have many of the things a baby and parent need but what they won’t have is nail clippers, and as soon as those finger and toe nails grow, they can be long and sharp, not to mention they grow like weeds (thanks to the breast milk/formula). A trick is to cut a baby’s nails while they’re asleep every few days and you’ll be good to go.

No one wants their baby scratching their precious little faces, or yours!

4. A Baby Banana Infant Teething toothbrush

There are a ton of teethers on the market. Maybe hundreds. But the reason this particular one is so great is that it also acts as a baby’s very first toothbrush months before you have to force them into the bathroom every morning/night, and before you have to threaten to take away every toy just to get them to brush their teeth. This will help them get used to a toothbrush and like it. Babies can chew on any part of it safely and it can also be thrown into the freezer for when those poor little ones are feeling the pain of teething.

5. Baby Mum Mum rice rusks

These are rice wafers that melt in your baby’s mouth and they’ve been on the market and used by parents for over 25 years.

They come in several yummy flavors and can save parents from a baby meltdown. Hand your baby one of these and for the next ten minutes, they'll likely be in bliss. As a bonus, they also help develop baby’s motor skills, as well as letting them eat it completely on their own starting at 6 months.