Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 92nd Birthday on Saturday, April 21. According to ABC News, the Royal Family made sure the oldest and longest reigning monarch enjoyed her official private birthday celebration.

It is customary for monarchs to have a private birthday celebration with family and a second public birthday celebration during the summer months when the weather is warm enough for a parade. Queen Elizabeth's second birthday celebration will occur in June.

Queen's first birthday celebration

After spending the day with her family, Queen Elizabeth attended a special concert at a birthday party in her honor at Royal Albert Hall.

Prince Philip, 96, her husband of 71 years, was at home recovering from a hip replacement. Prince William was there without Duchess Kate because she is expecting their third child any day now. Prince George and Princess Charlotte were home with their mother. Prince William was seen looking at his phone throughout the event. He was probably checking to make sure Kate was doing fine. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles were also in attendance.

Meghan Markle was there with Prince Harry. They are set to marry in less than a month on May 19.

Prince Harry gave special remarks concerning his grandmother. He is fifth in line to the throne and soon to be the sixth after Prince William and Kate's baby is born. It was Harry's first speech in his new position as President of the Queens Commonwealth Trust. He promised Queen Elizabeth that he would carry on her legacy and work.

The entertainment

Sir Tom Jones began the performances with a rendition of his classic hit "It’s Not Unusual." A duet by Sting and Shaggy came next. Other performances included those by Kylie Minogue, Donel Mangena, and Shawn Mendes. The queen was seen clapping her hands and swaying back and forth to a medley by George Formby.

The gathering was under heavy security to protect the 40 members of the family who were present in one place at the same time. Roads were closed, and there were many armed police around the vineyard.

At the end of the evening, Prince Charles made remarks. He beckoned the audience to sound off a “hip hip hooray” to “Your Majesty, Mummy.” Then hundreds of celebratory balloons dropped from the ceiling and firecrackers were heard inside Royal Albert Hall.

Stay tuned for news about Queen Elizabeth's second birthday celebration in June when she will be honored again. The public that she has reigned over since 1952 will be there to show their respects.