Who among us hasn’t wanted to scream because they couldn’t find a simple thing like the lid to a Tupperware bowl? Or got beyond frustrated when trying to find something in their car? Organizational skills are not part of everyone’s DNA. Some excel at it while for others, it’s a lifetime struggle. But regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, there are a few helpful things you can implement in your life right now to get and stay organized, saving you time for the far more important things. So as you begin your spring cleaning, here are some things to add to it.

1. Get a label maker

You can get one of these for less than twenty dollars at many retailers, such as office supply and discount department stores. Or you can use a marker and tape. Whatever your method, labels can and will save you time and energy when you’re looking for something. Beyond the common labeling of boxes, use labels for cords behind your entertainment stations so you can easily identify the cable you need. Use them for spice jars, drawer organizers, shelving areas -- the options are endless. And once you start labeling, chances are you’ll never go back.

2. Divide your drawers

We all have those drawers that have multiple purposes or hold multiple things and when the time comes, it’s a bit of a scavenger hunt to find anything in them.

This whole problem can be solved by simply dividing up your drawers with drawer organizers and holders, which come in all different sizes, colors and shapes. This simple change can simplify your life, especially for kitchen utility drawers. Placing pens all in the same spot, putting scissors and stapler together, having separate holders for stamps, coins, and keys are all examples.

All of these things will help save you time, especially when you’re running out the door in a rush and need something in one of those drawers. Also, create a drawer only for lids. It will be easier to find one if they are all in the same spot.

3. Create a purse bag

Yes, you read that right. This is a bag that goes inside your purse to keep it organized.

For anyone who uses a purse of some sort, find yourself a closeable bag about the size of your hand. Dollar stores are a great place to find these or grab one from the ones you’ve collected over the years. Once you select one, fill it with the things you can never find in your purse. Lip balm, mail keys, nail files, tissues – keep all items handy to have in a pouch that you can grab and open rather than wasting your time trying to dig anything out among the sea of wallets, phones, etc. that are in your purse.

4. Secure a crate in your car

Cars are a main area of disorganization in people’s lives. It’s easy to throw things in the backseat or on the floor but before your know it, you no longer are able to find the floor.

A handy solution is to buy a plastic crate and secure it either in the backseat or trunk and use it to hold all the things you feel you need in your car. This is perfect for items like a go-to sweater when you forget to take one, a book for when you find yourself with extra time, a box of tissues or roll of paper towels, or maybe your yoga mat. The point is to have a place to keep it all together, not to mention an easy way to move everything should you need to.

5. Post-Its, Post-Its, Post-its

These things are a godsend. Use them. They will help your life stay organized. Don’t trust your memory. Keep a stack in a few rooms throughout the house. When something comes up that you need to remember to do, take one out, write it down, and place it somewhere that you will see often.

These little visual reminders will likely help you stay organized. Remember, technology doesn’t always have to be the answer. Post-its are also handy to jot things down for to-do lists, to-buy lists, and labeling.