If you find yourself frustrated by day to day tasks that you used to breeze through, you are not alone. Many people notice that life today seems to be more stressful than in years past. By changing the way you do certain things, it will make a difference. There are 3 Lifehacks you can implement that will help you get through situations much easier. Incorporating these simple suggestions might make your world a little less anxious, Thinking and acting differently when you are running water, feeding your family and even shopping for Household items can save you time, money, and most of all give a little more peace of mind.

Decrease frustration with second-hand furniture

If you have purchased furniture in recent years, you may have noticed that is getting harder to assemble. Missing parts, faulty instructions, and holes for screws that don't line up properly can be absolutely aggravating and increase anxiety. One way to relieve the frustration is to consider purchasing products from a second-hand store. Your local Goodwill thrift store or even a yard sale can yield tables, cabinets, entertainment centers, and all kinds of furniture that is made of real wood and already intact.


A bonus is you may find items made of real wood that they are sturdy and built to last, Many products today are made from materials that simply do not stand the test of time.

By purchasing household items that are already assembled, you will be relieved of the frustration of spending hours trying to put your product together. This lifehack may also save you money because a secondhand item will cost less as well as being of better quality.

Household hacks to save money and relieve anxiety

You may also find your anxiety level rising when you have to run your water in the kitchen and bathroom for several minutes before it begins to warm up.

You can decrease your frustration by keeping a plastic container on hand and allow the water to fill it until you find it is the right temperature. This second simple household hack will prevent your money from going down the drain and you can use the water on your indoor plants, to fill spray bottles, or for your dog or cat.

A third way to decrease frustration in your daily routine is to utilize paper and plastic utensils at least once a week. This household hack will cut down on the number of dishes you wash and is really a time saver if you have young children or grandchildren. Instead of being anxious because you are looking at a sink full of dirty dishes you will have instead bag products that you can simply put in the trash. When put into practice, all three of these simple solutions should make a big difference in the levels of stress and anxiety