It’s almost time for graduation. Every family is scrambling to find the right gift for the graduate in their life. Graduating is one of life’s biggest milestones and it’s worth celebrating. The key is to give them something that will honor the occasion and also make their lives better going forward.

10. Amazon Prime Membership

What graduate would not want an Amazon Prime Membership? It makes life easier and more exciting. As part of being a member, the graduate will have access to free two-day shipping and access to Prime Now, which provides free two-hour delivery on thousands of products.

The graduate will also be able to watch hours of streaming video and prime music and enjoy Prime Audible and unlimited photo storage.

9. Blue Apron gift card

Some people are not able to follow the directions in a cookbook. When you have a long day at the office or just forgot to buy some groceries, Blue Apron is the best option to bail you out. They deliver fresh and ripe ingredients for a meal with detailed instructions on how to cook it. Blue Apron also sends the right portion sizes, based on the information you give them. This will also help the graduate learn how to cook healthy meals.

8. Books that should be read

Graduates are excited to be done with classes and no longer required to read a massive amount of material, just to pass an exam.

However, learning is more fun when it’s directed at the graduate’s interests and at their own pace. Having inspirational and motivational books will help them to keep going.

7. Brooklinen gift card

Brooklinen has become the master of bedding. They provide high-quality sheets at a reasonable price. The feel and look great. Graduates are looking to move out of their college dorms and start a life that calls for an upgrade in bedding.

A gift card is the perfect way to give them a luxury they can use for a long time.

6. Wine

Personalized gifts are perfect for graduates. It’s a simple reminder that people care about them. For those who drink, a personalized wine bottle could be perfect for them. You can personalize the bottle to commemorate any occasion. To save even more money, you can choose the wine on Amazon.

5. Diploma Frame

College education is one of the most expensive experiences that a graduate will have in their lives. Graduating college is one of the most exciting times of their lives and after working hard at it, it’s best to remember it by framing your diploma. Graduation is a crowning achievement.

4. Tablet

Throughout your college career, you may have worn down your laptop. Most companies provide their employees with their own work computers, there’s no need to shell out more money for a brand new computer. However, for streaming Netflix at home, you may consider buying an iPad.

3. Instant Coffee Maker

Graduates often rely on coffee daily and don’t like to spend a lot of time making it. When they are in a rush in the morning, they prefer instant gratification.

Which is why coffee makers like Keurig have become so important to college graduates.

2. Flowers

Gifting flowers will never go out of style. It’s a simple way of brightening up their living area. Flowers are also a reminder of how proud you are of them and it’s a pretty convenient gift.

1. Nice watch

One of the best parts of getting gifts is you can sometimes get items that you love but don’t have the money to buy. Watches are one of those things. A nice watch complements your professional wardrobe in the workplace. As graduates, its time to move on from cheap Walmart watches to those nice classic professional looking watches. One of the popular brands is MVMT because they provide watches at affordable prices.