When it comes to eating Dessert, the more creative it is, the better. That's why dessert connoisseurs all over the world are coming up with more amazing ideas to incorporate into these sweet treats. After all, cooking, baking, and dessert-making are all art forms in itself.

Now, here's one concept that has made its way into the world of dessert: the piñata. Originally, piñatas were used for birthdays and other celebrations. Now the concept of the piñata is often associated with the Mexican and Latin culture, but it also began in Europe.

The term piñata itself came from the Italian term "pignatta." But the idea of breaking a container filled with treats wasn't unique to Europe either, as it was already being done in the ancient Mexican cultures.

While the piñata history is long and varied, there's a new story to finally add to the timeline and that's the chocolate piñata. Here's what it looks like.

Mendel's chocolate piñata in Istanbul, Turkey

For those who are looking to travel to Turkey anytime soon, make sure to drop by Mendel's Chocolatier in Istanbul, where they serve an amazing chocolate piñata that's filled with more chocolate, seasonal fruits, marshmallows, and churros, Buzzfeed Food reported.

Foodies will love breaking down the chocolate ball to reveal the goodies inside. The piñata also comes with delectable dipping chocolate for more dessert fun. Mendel's is also home to the chocolate bomb and other amazing cakes and pastries.

Uncle Julio's original chocolate piñata

For those who don't want to look too far for their chocolate piñata fix, you can head over to Uncle Julio's in the United States for a fix. This version features caramel sauce, fresh seasonal fruits, homemade churros, raspberry sauce, and some rich chocolate.

According to their website, Uncle Julio's specializes in "made from scratch" Mexican food.

The restaurant's claim to fame was The Swirl, which they described as "the original frozen collision of margarita layered with home-made sangria." Today, the restaurant also serves the original chocolate piñata, which is available in their locations in Boca Raton, Florida, Peachtree Road and Sandy Springs in Atlanta, Skokie, Vernon Hills, Orland Park, Naperville, Lombard, and Oakwood in Illinois, and in Gaithersburg and Brentwood in Maryland.

Then there's Alliance, Allen, Austin, Fort Worth, and Dallas in Texas, and One Loudoun and Gainesville in Virginia. Eater Dallas reports that it costs $20 and can serve three to four people. Check out the video below for a visual feast of this amazing treat.