Our Environment is in despair. Pollutants, deforestation, and several other factors are causing climate change to accelerate on a global scale at a dangerous rate. With the failure to act on a federal level, many local municipalities are searching for their own solutions to implement on a lower scale.

Malibu, California, is one of those towns. They've recently enacted new legislation aimed at protecting the environment. They have the support of environmentalists. Not everyone who works and lives in the city is behind the new law, though.

Making moves in Malibu

The city council voted for new legislation on Monday (Feb. 26). The new law banned plastic straws and plastic cutlery (forks, spoons, knives, etc.). It's not the first time the town of Malibu has made a move like this in the interest of protecting the environment - they also banned plastic bags and foam containers in the past.

This legislation shouldn't have that major of an impact on the community. It's not like the Malibu city council is asking people not to use cutlery anymore. People can still use all of the natural forks and spoons they want. The mayor is supportive because the ban will be beneficial to the beautiful ecosystem of the beach town. It's hard for the people of the community to disagree.

There are communities around the United States and the world that are attempting to make similar changes in their towns and cities. Some industries, however, feel threatened by the action the Malibu city council has taken.

The environment versus the industry

Not everyone is able to get behind this new Malibu legislation, however.

The local ABC affiliate went looking for businesses bound to suffer due to their utilization of plastic utensils, particularly restaurants. Those businesses rightfully claim that natural resources used in utensils are more expensive than the plastic cutlery. They have also already purchased the plastic cutlery, although the legislation doesn't take effect for another three months, which should stave off any overstock issues.

Some Malibu businesses were also concerned that cutlery made from bamboo, cardboard, or other natural resources could give customers an icky feeling when they eat. Unfortunately, that may be a price to pay for now on behalf of the environment, as entrepreneurs continue to seek better products for consumers that are more eco-friendly.

More communities should take Malibu's lead and protect the environment.