Weekends are always fine and dandy up until you realize that you have to face yet another Monday at the end of it all. Sundays are often days for relaxation, spending time with friends and family, up until the evening arrives and the anxiety over the start of a new work week sets in. But instead of pining over the death of another quick weekend, we should focus more about all the positive possibilities that could come our way during the new work week, as long as we prime ourselves and remain open to these blessings. Here are some Simple Habits on how to make your Monday (and every Work Day) better.

1. Allot 15 minutes out of your Sunday evening to reflect on the past week

According to Inc. contributor Nicolas Cole, people who are successful strike a balance between reflecting on the past and what they've learned from it and planning the future. He recommends "auditing" one's self and thinking about what we could have done better. It's important to take some time, pause, and look at the things we've done wrong in our lives and figure out how to make them better. You can write down notes on a journal, on a board, or a personal blog to keep track of your realizations.

2. Take some time to be grateful

Sometimes, it's difficult to be grateful for what we already have, especially when our neighbors are flaunting their new car, new house, or latest travel getaway on social media.

Compartmentalize and focus on yourself and what you have. As much as possible, refrain from comparing and instead, have a grateful, joyful heart that looks at the positive things in life and works toward the next goals without losing sight of what you already have.

3. Practice listening

As important it is to have time for silence, it's also important to listen to others.

Regardless if you're a CEO, manager, supervisor, or employee just starting off his career, it's important to create a "culture of listening," as Calabrio CEO Tom Goodmanson explained to Inc. He said that by encouraging listening, we are able to communicate better and create a more "collaborative learning environment," in which we learn from others and others learn from us.

4. Squeeze in some physical activity

"I regretted that workout," said no one ever. But you don't need to fully invest in an expensive gym membership just to get your blood pumping. A brisk walk around the block for about 20 minutes will bring you some health benefits like a clearer mind that will help you tackle your workday ahead.

5. Find something unrelated to work that interests you

EVP and GM for Adobe Experience Cloud Brad Rencher told Inc. that "Disconnecting goes a long way toward resetting your focus with a hectic schedule and the demands of work." It doesn't have to be complicated, it can be as simple as biking, or taking up a hobby like baking, painting, or calligraphy.