Conspiracy theory channel ''Secureteam10'' has posted a very interesting video on YouTube stating that they have discovered a strange line in Google Earth which interestingly stretches from Antarctica to the North Pole. The gigantic line stretches for more than 13,000 miles across the earth, and its shape indicates that it might be contrails come out of an airplane.

'Secureteam10' debunks the contrail theory, put forward alien theory

Even though many people consider it as contrails, the authors of 'Secureteam10' are not convinced about this, and they strongly believe that this strange formation might have something to do with extra-terrestrial life.

In the video, the narrator assures that this formation is not at all contrails from airplanes, and made it clear that contrails will not be visible on the map from such a distance. The narrator also stated that images taken from such a distance will feature only major cloud formations and weather around the earth.

The conspiracy theory channel revealed that there are hundreds of contrails produced by airplanes every day but apart from this, no other contrail appear on Google Earth. As per the video publishers, no flight will have the ability to go straight from Antarctica to the North Pole without changing its direction or without a halt.

The video assures that such lines will appear in such a way only if a flight producing contrail travels over the earth's atmosphere at lightning speed.

If the airplane was moving like normal planes, we will not get the line completely, as some parts will fade off as time passes by.

The video has now gone viral on the Internet, and within three days, it has fetched more than 3 lakh views. People who have watched this video are pretty much convinced that something strange with this line and many are blaming the government for covering up realities associated with alien life.

'Secureteam10' continues their wild claims on aliens

This is not the first time that ''Secureteam10'' is publishing similar videos. Their YouTube channel is loaded with hundreds of videos, most of them claiming the existence of Alien life and UFO existence. Earlier, they have posted many videos claiming that aliens are a reality, and governments all around the world are intentionally covering up details fearing public panic.

Most of the videos posted on the YouTube channel usually goes viral, especially among alien buffs. As of now, they have more than one million subscribers, a count which clearly indicates their popularity among the general public.