San Joaquin Valley is the main agricultural sector in California but with temperatures in the region dropping considerably, the effect could be felt on production of Almonds and other crops. There are fears that the cold weather could destroy the blooms that have appeared earlier than usual probably due to the current warm weather. Such fluctuation in temperatures is harmful for the crops.

Los Angeles Times reports that the state produces 80% of the world's almonds, as revealed by the Almond Board of California. An expert meteorologist of the National Weather Service in Hanford has explained that the freezing cold would mean the blooms would be lost and lead to a poor harvest and disappointment all around.

Weather is unpredictable

In the opinion of weather forecasters, the climate disorder in California has resulted in a sort of cold wave and temperatures could drop still further. While such a situation would play havoc with crops like almonds, meteorologists have cautioned motorists about possible winds of up to 50 miles per hour accompanied by snowfall. San Francisco Bay Area could also face the cold conditions.

At the other extreme is the incident of a wildfire in another part of the state. Las Vegas Review Journal has revealed an incident of wildfire in the town of Bishop, located in Sierra Nevada. It is a favorite place for outdoor sports and was the victim of a wind-driven wildfire that led to evacuations.

The state has been witness to the vagaries of nature with high temperatures and scanty rainfall after it emerged from a long period of drought. This led to a number of wildfires that destroyed much of the green cover.

Global warming must be checked

Weather is unpredictable and the forecaster tries to do his job by working on past data available in various formats.

However, global warming has thrown all calculations out of the window. California is an example. Independent UK has revealed the situation in the state which has faced drought and inadequate rainfall. These have led to huge wildfires that have burnt down the vegetation, displaced men and animals, and destroyed the environment.

It will take ages to recover.

Global warming is not a problem for only California and its almonds but is one faced by people all over the world. It gives rise to severe climatic conditions like sudden hurricanes or floods that take a toll of lives and property. Realization must set in that it is a problem that cannot be swept under the carpet but must be taken headlong and addressed.