Super Bowl weekend is a celebration of one of the world's great sports: football. It's also an opportunity for many around the world to celebrate one of the great global pastimes - gambling.

The American Gaming Association is expecting a record amount of betting to take place this weekend. Most of those bets will likely center on the result of the game between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles, set to be waged on Sunday evening in Minnesota. Some, however, will place bets on little moments that start during the day and extend weeks beyond the final Super Bowl cannon blast.

These are the best Super Bowl Lii Prop Bets.

1) Will Pink forget a word of the national anthem?

People eagerly watch the national anthem before the Super Bowl to see how long it will last - don't worry, that's a prop bet as well. But people also can't help but eagerly hope for mistakes, quick to bash others who fold under pressure. Christina Aguilera comes to mind for her flub of the anthem in 2011. She's the last person to really blow it, though.

Prediction: No

2) Which owner will be shown first during the broadcast?

This is going to be a difficult call. On the one hand, telecasts enjoy showing Patriots owner Robert Kraft. He's always at the head of some controversy, from Spygate to Deflategate.

Besides, he has enough rings on his finger that the cameras simply glisten when they spot him. But Jeffrey Lurie is the new kid on the block, going to his first Super Bowl in 12 years. This prop bet feels a little back a toss-up.

Prediction: Robert Kraft

3) What color will the celebratory Gatorade bath be?

After almost every big sporting event, a cooler of Gatorade or Powerade is typically dumped on the unsuspecting winning coach, who should really be more suspecting of it.

The last time the Patriots won the Super Bowl (see: last year) there was no Gatorade bath. The last time the Eagles won the Super Bowl? Well, there's no data on that quite yet.

Prediction: Orange

4) Higher: Kickoff temperature or first quarter points?

This one is tricky as well. According to the last weather reports, the high of the day is supposed to be around eight degrees.

Kickoff is around 5:30 local time, which means it will likely be below eight degrees, but won't be at zero quite yet. It then boils down to whether or not you think someone will score in the first quarter of the Super Bowl. The New England Patriots may have an elite offense, but Philadelphia's defense is not too shabby either.

Prediction: First quarter points