It seems the local police in Seville, Spain had been keeping their eyes peeled when they tracked down and stopped a convoy of three vehicles, carrying over four tons of Oranges, under highly suspicious circumstances. They certainly ended up making some juicy arrests.

Suspicions arose after two vehicles were seen to be driving erratically, close together, on a highway in the Seville area. A Police chase ensued along a dirt track and, when the cars were finally stopped, officers found a veritable mountain of fresh and juicy oranges in the vehicles.

Five people were taken into custody for their zesty crime.

Drivers arrested with tons of juicy fruit

As noted by Car Throttle, the first vehicle in the convoy was a sedan car, containing a married couple with their adult son, along with sacks of the fruit. A second car that was following that vehicle was also found to be full of juicy Seville oranges, packed loose into the vehicle, along with two brothers who were unrelated to the family.

As can be seen from the images, when the back passenger door was opened, oranges spilled out, in the hundreds, onto the ground. On top of this, after searching the area, police later tracked down a third vehicle, also full of sacks of the orange fruit. There was no information given in the report about the occupants of that third vehicle.

As reported by Europapress, none of the occupants of the vehicles could provide legal proof of the origin of the fruit, saying they had brought them from “far away.” It is normal in Spain to see orange trees lining the streets of cities and many do fall to the ground.

In this case, the five suspects claimed they had found the oranges lying on the ground and had picked them up, insisting that the fruit was for their own personal consumption. However, police didn’t believe anyone could consume that much vitamin C or find quite that much fruit just lying on the ground.

Ship in Carmona reported orange theft

Also reported by EuroWeekly News, it turned out a ship in the port of Carmona had reported a theft of four tons of oranges a few hours prior to the police chase, which was evidently the source of the juicy heist. That particular investigation was still ongoing at the time, but after putting the squeeze on the suspects, it looks like they have their perps.

Juan Carlos Cabrera, of the Seville municipality, congratulated police on their action in intercepting the stolen oranges and preserving the food security of possible consumers who may have ended up purchasing the juicy stolen haul.