Need some Monday Motivation? Look no further than the man whose injury at the beginning of the NBA season forced people to turn off their television sets in grotesque disgust. Boston Celtics star Gordon Hayward emerged, shooting jump shots and doing some very basic practice drills. Three months after the devastating injury, the superstar is showing an incredible amount of tenacity and grit, refusing to let the injury define his first season with his new team.

Back in the gym Monday

The news of Hayward's workout on Monday came rather secondhand. The team didn't announce it, and he didn't personally announce it either.

Instead, it first emerged on his wife Robyn's Instagram account. He was shooting three-pointers from a relatively stiff position, standing without jumping. The uncomfortable motion didn't prevent the Celtics star from getting buckets, though, just as he was set to do on the court this season.

He's still managing to show a decent amount of lift with his legs. Previously during this rehab, he was only drilling buckets from a chair, so this is a fairly significant improvement. He's also not wearing a brace on his leg anymore, something already pointed out by general manager Danny Ainge.

It's just another milestone on Hayward's road to recovery from a dislocated ankle and fractured tibia, a recovery that should put him back in a Celtics uniform sometime next season.

Recalling the opening night horror

The Celtics were featured in the very first game of the season, a chance to showcase their new stars in Kyrie Irving and Hayward.

But, just a few minutes into the game, Hayward crumpled to the ground after going up for the basket. He clutched his left leg as trainers ran out to him, all while play continued for a moment before the reality of the situation set in. People in the crowd in Cleveland were shocked, as the injury went on to be compared to the famous injury suffered by Paul George.

Players on both teams were as stunned as everyone else in the arena as Hayward was removed from the court. A few days later, he underwent season-ending surgery. Many expected the Celtics to falter in his absence, but that has yet to be the case. They've led the Eastern Conference for almost the entire season, emerging as the odds-on favorite to make a run to the NBA Finals.

Hayward shouldn't be back to see that run come to fruition. The Celtics will be glad to see him recuperating, though.