When an icy, yellow-brown object fell into a farmer’s field in Fazilpur Badli village in Gurgaon, India on Saturday, it made a one-foot deep hole in the ground. Villagers became excited over the mysterious object, as they believed it to be a meteorite, which could be worth plenty of money to those who find it.

Many villagers gathered pieces of the fallen object and placed them in the refrigerators of their homes. However it turned out this was no fallen space object, but merely Human Poop, ejected by a plane passing overhead.

Large icy object drops from the sky

The indian Express reports that the icy object weighed around 20 pounds and its surface was transparent and looked like ice. Villagers claimed it came “shooting out of the sky”. The owner of the land, named only as Balwan, told the newspaper that he heard the object falling at around 8 a.m. that morning. He described the sound of it falling as being like that of a plane. Before Balwan could work out what it was, it landed with a loud thump into his field.

One local, Govind Singh, told the newspaper that he rushed to the field and saw the frozen object and the hole it had made in the ground.

He said he and other villages believed it was ice, but they noticed it wasn’t melting, so they figured there must be some type of chemical involved. Despite this, many of the village couldn’t resist grabbing their own little piece of the “meteorite,” rushing their souvenirs home and placing them in the refrigerator.

Samples reveal the truth about the ‘meteorite’

However after the excitement ensued, scientists arrived from the India Meteorological Department to examine the mysterious object and to collect samples from the site. They soon discovered that the so-called valuable space object was merely frozen poop. This led to villagers who had collected souvenirs being warned to carefully clean anything in their homes that had been in contact with the frozen human waste.

Dropping poop from planes leads to a fine

An aviation expert says that human excrement discarded from a plane’s toilet system turns to ice as it heads to the ground, due to the low temperatures at the aircraft’s altitude. While aircraft jettisoning human waste is a common phenomenon, the Indian government only 10 days ago asked the Directorate General of Civil Aviation to send out notices to all the country’s airlines reminding them that it is illegal to dump waste from their planes.

Authorities cited a December 2016 order relating to the practice, whereby airlines can be hit with a fine of 50,000 rupees (or $782) for dropping a load from the aircraft’s toilets, which in India is a hefty amount to cough up. According to a report by the International Business Times, a woman in Madhya Pradesh received a serious head injury in 2016 after being hit by a large chunk of frozen airline poop.