We all have things we do to keep fit. We have ways we want our bodies to look and for women, one of those concerns is their Breasts. They play a big role in the lives of women and those around them, from a reproductive standpoint as well as a point of attraction. Many women dread Sagging breasts. This occurs for different reasons, whether it be lifestyle choices or overall health. However, there are things we can do to combat them. Regardless of their causes, we can help ourselves promote healthy breasts by taking some precautions.

Why do breasts sag?

Before you can change things, you have to know the cause. Breasts are made up of fatty tissue and glands, not muscle. Their primary function is the production of milk. The fatty tissues and glands are covered with naturally elastic skin due to the presence of protein elastin.

Some physical body activities like smoking have been scientifically proven to cause breast sagging. According to InfoGuideAfrica, rapid weight gains and losses in pregnancy are also a major cause of this. Smoking does great damage to the elastin surrounding the breasts, causing them to become loose and then sag.

Talking about the weight gains and losses, a 50-pound increase or decrease in weight can also contribute to a sag in the breasts.

What can we do to keep our breasts from sagging?

The first is to live a healthy lifestyle. Some habits like smoking do us more harm than good and should be avoided or minimized as much as possible. Not only is smoking dangerous to our health, it also causes quick aging which will make the breasts sag quickly too.

Also, take enough water.

Water has been scientifically proven to be of great necessity to our body. It also helps keep the skin from rapid aging. A liter of water in the morning after waking will be a great way to start your day. It will keep the doctor away, prevent rapid skin aging and in turn help the breasts stay firmer. The breasts sag with age too and to keep them firmer, take care of your personal health so as not to age quickly.

You can add some lemon and a pinch of table salt for further benefits.

You should also develop good nutritional status. Take good food, avoid junk and watch your weight. Hemp seeds, eggs, vitamin C and sulfur-bearing protein help to promote the health of the breast. As much as possible avoid fried food. They do us more harm than good.

Finally, engage in physical exercises. If you need to control your body weight, then you have to be engaged in Physical Exercises as much as possible. Walk around, do some sit-ups and you will see yourself improve.