The government shutdown of 2018 looks to be on its last legs. The dueling sides of democracy came to an agreement on Monday afternoon, two and a half days into the crisis. The incident did manage to shut down a day of work during the typical workweek, but didn't last nearly as long as it seemed it might've when all of the sides dug in over the weekend. As always, there are winners and losers to the government shutdown, largely from a political perspective.

Trump among winners

The biggest winner in the government shutdown might be President Donald Trump.

While Democrats justifiably tried to pin the crisis on the president, the president didn't interfere with extreme and detrimental rhetoric in person or on Twitter, which gave the congressional parties a chance to do their job. Even though he may have been responsible, his party came out looking better, and he didn't come out looking like the problem because he stayed behind the scenes.

Speaking of parties, the Republicans in Congress look quite good after this fiasco, mostly because it was the Democrats that ultimately relented on their demands on Monday. The Democrats' big ask was movement on DACA, the immigration bill protecting young people who entered into the country illegally. But the government shutdown ended with no movement on immigration, meaning the Democrats catered to the Republicans, instead of the other way around.

The "dreamers" could be considered losers, as their status remains in limbo.

Schumer, American people among losers

If the Republicans are winners, the Democrats are losers. And there's no face that defines the Democratic Party in the Trump era more than New York senator Chuck Schumer. He was willing to trade the safety of the dreamers for funding of a border wall between the United States and Mexico, a big no-no in the Democratic party line.

The government shutdown made him look weak in that regard.

Additionally, the American people at large are losers. Sure, the crisis only lasted for a few days and not a few weeks or months, but the solution agreed to is only a temporary stopgap that will keep things up and running until February 8. If a new funding deal isn't in place by then, guess what happens?

Another government shutdown!

Let's all enjoy the next two and a half weeks of bliss, because the next government shutdown - complete with new winners and losers - appears to be coming right around the bend.