In a particularly bold statement made to Fox News personality and former politician Jeanine Pirro, Eric Trump stated that he believes the government shutdown is a boon for the nation. Currently, his most infamous quote from his exchange with Pirro is that the shutdown is "a Good Thing for us."

A good thing for who, exactly?

The "us" Eric Trump mentions was not specified. Surely it can't be a good thing for the US government, as thousands of employees are currently being forced to take unpaid leave due to being categorized as "non-essential." It also can't possibly be a good thing for the American people, as fewer than 30 percent of the population believes that the shutdown was a good idea in the first place, according to the Washington Examiner.

Something sinister?

But, that's where the majority of US citizens and Eric Trump fail to see eye-to-eye. According to the middle son, the shutdown was not the result of an actual disagreement between the Republicans and the Democrats. It was something far more sinister.

The root of the issue? None other than intentional obstruction of the Right by the Left solely for the sake of impeding the progress of Trump's party. But, the "good thing" Eric Trump mentions is the thin silver lining to the shutdown. He declares that because the Democrats are so devious in their attempts to stop the Right from moving forward, they are essentially exposing themselves to the American public as deceptive manipulators.

Eric Trump goes on to claim that the specific reason the government ended up being shut down was so that the Democrats could "distract and stop" the momentum that Trump had gained over the previous year as president.

However, the Democrats had a purpose in mind when they took the stand against Republicans. They did so in order to secure deportation protections for immigrants who were brought into the US when they were children.

With no opposition, the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program would leave thousands of immigrants with no legal protection.

But, Eric Trump isn't the only one of the Trump children who hold this sentiment. Trump Jr., the eldest son, took to Twitter to share an article that claims the Democrats have a one-track goal of destroying Trump's party at any cost (even with a government shutdown).

He even claimed that Democrats "destroyed America" with their actions. To no surprise, Donald Trump himself also expressed similar feelings on Twitter about the shutdown.

What happens next?

Given the tumultuousness of the US government since Trump's inauguration last January, the last thing the US needs is for the cogs of the government to turn even slower. As of January 22, the government is still in a shutdown. But, both parties are finally on the way toward reaching an agreement that will restore full functionality.