Professional Service firms usually have a lot of valuable information to share with prospective clients. The key is to collect, document, and share this information to become recognized as a thought leader in the industry. According to the Entrepreneur, what Bill Gates said 21 years ago, "Content is king" is true.

A content marketing strategy that is often overlooked by most professional service firms is the eBook. Using eBooks allows businesses to cover specific topics thoroughly. This is what makes them a great way to help professional service firms with lead generation and ultimate conversion of potential clients.

Benefits of an eBook as a marketing strategy

1. Inexpensive to create.

Compared to the materials required for other forms of marketing, the production costs for an eBook are minimal. Time is money in business and an eBook only takes a few weeks to create the initial concept, development, and publishing.

2. Easy to distribute.

There is a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to distributing eBooks. One method is to make the eBook available through Amazon or other online self-publishing sites. Professional service firms can also offer their eBooks through website downloads in exchange for the reader’s contact information.

3. A subtle marketing technique.

A professional service firm gains a competitive edge when it offers valuable problem resolution services to its target audience through an eBook.

This subtly directs the reader toward your website to get to learn more about the services offered by your firm and increases website traffic.

According to Marketing Land, repurposing content helps to re-engage old contacts. Old clients get to know about a new service you are offering through the eBook and this brings them back to your offices to find out more.

How an eBook helps your professional service firm

4. Grows the e-mail list.

It is far easier to grow an e-mail list through an eBook than through a blog post subscription. This is because of the win-win situation that is offered in exchange for an eBook. The e-mail list helps the firm get direct access to people who might be interested in your services.

5. Establishes authority.

People want to deal with a firm that is knowledgeable about its industry. Writing an eBook on a topic that finally provides insight to the potential clients helps build credibility and a loyal following.

For instance, a law firm that clearly elaborates on a simplified version of malpractice suits for businesses will gain trust from potential clients. They will realize that they can depend on your firm to make the right choices.

Providing helpful information to prospective clients through your eBook increases the chances of them seeking out your services when they need solutions.