Count Bernie Sanders among the Americans who were less than impressed by last night's State of the Union.

Cameras caught the senator looking less than enthusiastic during President Donald Trump's address on Tuesday night (Jan. 30), at one point giving a slow clap for the ages. After the fact, he gave a nearly 30-minute response to President Trump on social media. He spoke for many Americans in giving a rebuke to President Trump's comments. While it may have been politically divisive for Senator Sanders to say his piece, it provided an alternative view of the big address.

At the State of the Union

Most people caught wind of the clap. With many viewers on the lookout for little acts of subversion, ranging from clothing choice to invited guest, Sanders' applause drew attention. There was a multitude of times where those in attendance stood and applauded the president. One time, Senator Sanders decided to join in on the clapping, but not the standing. Resistors considered it one of the highlights of the State of the Union.

At one point during the State of the Union, Nancy Pelosi looked displeased as well, with a blank expression on her face.

But Senator Sanders became a meme almost instantly. People on Twitter immediately started comparing his clap to that of a prisoner with no free will to make their own applause. Others brought in references to "Black Mirror" and "Harry Potter." Most got the point, though: it was the world's most begrudging show of respect.

Sanders responds

When the State of the Union came to a close, Senator Sanders only just got started. Even though Joe Kennedy was giving an official response to the address, the former presidential candidate decided to give one of his own.

He started his rebuttal by addressing President Trump's economic record. He admitted that the unemployment numbers were positive. But then he pivoted to a talking point he's famous for, bashing how the top percent of people in the country benefited from the recent tax bill.

Senator Sanders then went on to list a handful of promises President Trump has failed to keep during his first year in office. He also targeted President Trump on the issues of climate change, immigration, and skyrocketing college costs. It was a scathing indictment of the State of the Union and the administration as a whole.

Overall, having Senator Sanders back in the spotlight is never a bad thing. Hopefully, it won't take another State of the Union for that to happen.