It’s a holiday tradition for Michele Boudreaux of Maplewood, NJ, to leave a basket full of candy, hand-warmers, snacks and other nice goodies on her doorstep each year. The idea is to give delivery people a reward for their efforts all year in a really nice way. However, this year Boudreaux suffered the dastardly theft of some of the best items in the basket. Luckily the surveillance camera at her home caught the thief in action. It turned out to be a squirrel – a really fat squirrel.

Obese squirrel thief caught on surveillance footage

As reported by the Maplewood Patch, Boudreaux has never had a problem with the holiday basket before, despite the fact it contains some luxurious items, including Ghirardelli chocolate.

However this year a thief was caught live on surveillance footage, delicately digging his way through the stash to find the tastiest items. It turned out to be an obese squirrel and among his swag were 25 squares of the tasty chocolate, some throat lozenges and snack bars.

She wrote on her blog that the squirrel was seriously overweight, dubbing him a “jolly ol’ chap” who must be stocking up for around a decade of winters. He certainly can’t be faulted for his taste in chocolate.

Boudreaux’s husband went after the squirrel to try and find where it was hoarding its ill-gotten gains, but the varmint managed to make a clean getaway. However, Boudreaux came across the stealing rodent again on Wednesday and captured a video showing it stealing even more chocolate, along with some lip balm.

Who knew squirrels also suffer from dry lips?

Family comes up with a solution, but still treats the squirrel

The family has now found the perfect solution to stop the thieving fat squirrel. Boudreaux wrote that they now seal the chocolate inside a jar, which needs “opposable thumbs” to open. She doesn’t sound too upset over the theft, however, saying the whole thing brought their family a lot of joy.

She even left a bowl full of treats out for the obese squirrel on Thursday, containing popcorn, walnuts and pumpkin seeds.The fussy critter did get a little picky over the latest treats, however, and threw out all the seeds, but he did eat everything else on offer. Watch the fat little furry thief in action below.

Squirrel eats Christmas tree wires

As reported by the Sacramento Bee, this isn’t the only squirrel getting into trouble over the holiday season. Officials in Sea Girt, New Jersey, were shocked to find something had attacked the town’s Christmas tree and the wires were all torn and chewed. The town sent out workers to repair the damage, ready for the Christmas tree to be lit on Friday last week.

However, police kept an eye on the tree and managed to catch the culprit on camera – yes, once again it was a squirrel, but one with obviously less fussy tastes. According to local cops, the squirrel was “charged with criminal mischief” and later released on bail. So that makes two squirrels on Santa's naughty list this year!