"Runner's high" is a euphoric phase that comes when the brain releases endorphins and you may feel light, energetic, pain-free, and as if you are walking/running on air. It is difficult to explain, but once you reach it, you will recognize it. Ardent walkers may also achieve this benefit of moving their feet depending on the level of commitment and personal fitness. These three suggestions may assist you in obtaining your goal. Keep in mind, however, that there is no guarantee, but diligence can pay off. Be sure to keep in mind that there are also many other health benefits that come with walking in the great outdoors.

Change your routine as you walk

Walking is beneficial for our health in many ways. Your personal level of fitness will determine how far you go and how fast you can walk. If you are in reasonably good health and already have a pattern of walking, obtaining the Runners High should be easy. Please make sure to check off with your personal healthcare provider before attempting anything that may be too strenuous. Having said that, the first step is to change your daily routine.

Your brain can become accustomed to you doing the same route on a regular basis, so give your thinking cap a workout. Change the direction, neighborhood, or any aspect of your walk that you can. Also alternate between walking, jogging and running if you can.

The key is to keep moving, but not at your usual pace or location. Make sure to get off the beaten path and walk on different terrain. The more you can challenge yourself, the better your chance of obtaining the "high."

Keep walking until you feel the rush

The second step is to keep moving, and the third is to increase your pace.

Walking nonstop at a brisk pace for at least 30 Minutes may get your endorphins in gear. Again there is no guarantee, but those who can walk a little faster and longer than usual, and who alternate between walking, jogging and running on different terrain, have the best chance of reaching the goal of the feeling of euphoria.

Once you do, it will seem as though you are walking on air, breathing easy and all pain has left your body.

Should you not obtain the runners high the first time out, don't be discouraged, as you can always try again. The fact that you got outside and walked for 30 minutes or more is a bonus for your health all by itself. Walking has been shown to reduce stress, burn calories, reduce blood sugar levels, improve quality of sleep, and benefit your overall wellbeing. Walking is great exercise and can also reduce levels of pain and discomfort.