Some Mississippi residents have been calling their local officials to get them to fix potholes in their streets. Weeks have gone by and the city still had not repaired the potholes that are damaging cars. There has been a long wait for something to be done about the matter that concerns drivers. Therefore, residents decided to do something about the pothole issue themselves. They didn't fix a pothole in the middle of the street, but they used the holiday season to make a point. A report by WRIC relayed a lot of the facts used in this article.

Christmas tree in pothole

Somebody in Jackson, Mississippi had a brilliant idea to call attention to a giant pothole that was on the road. Many drivers have had their tires blown out because there are so many potholes around the city, and winter is just beginning.

With many potholes to choose from, the group decided to get the biggest and deepest one and placed a mini Christmas tree in it. The tree is decorated with ornaments just like the trees in people's houses and outside in their yards. It is a visible scene to help drivers avoid the pothole because they are able to see what's ahead before they get right up on it.

The Christmas tree in the pothole is also spreading holiday cheer around the city.

A sign has a cute message on it that reads, "From our pothole to yours." The tree has two bright orange construction signs around it to prevent cars from running over it.

Resident Chester Henderson said he is hoping this is calling more attention to the pothole issue and officials will make a special effort to solve the pothole problem very soon.

Pothole problem

Most cities have a pothole problem. Back in October, a Richmond, Virginia man was riding his bike and hit a pothole that caused him to fall. The father of three has not been able to work because of his injuries that include a broken wrist, a gash to his head, and other scrapes and bruises. He has $6,000 in medical bills.

Richard Poe is suing the city for not fixing the pothole on the street where the accident occurred. Legal analyst, Steve Benjamin, says even though the city has a responsibility to fix potholes, repairs can't be done if the city doesn't know about them. Records show that the pothole Poe fell into had been reported and acknowledged five times by Richmond Public Works Department before the accident. Richmond residents helped Poe out after a GoFundMe page was set up. The funds collected kept him and his family from being evicted.

Is there a pothole problem on the roads where you live?