In the advertising game, a good logo is absolutely essential. After all, it’s on all of your Company signs, letterhead, website, social media, you name it your logo will be on it. In a lot of cases, your staff will even be wearing it on their clothing.

Unforgettable and recognizable

You need your logo to be both memorable and unforgettable, instantly recognizable, and something that people will always associate with your brand. It’s not easy but it’s been done before. You want people to take that second look.

The key points to really good logo designs are that they be clear and simple.

The most popular logos on the market are just that. Nike, Apple, McDonald’s, Coke, Pepsi, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Target, and Adidas are widely considered to be the Top 10 logos of all time.

If you have a good logo, people are more likely to want to know more about your company. First impressions are important, and in many cases, your logo is just that, the first thing people see about your company.

Classic and timeless

Logos need to be classic and timeless. The most popular logos have been around for a long time. Nike’s signature Swoosh has been used since 1971. That, however, doesn’t compare to the longevity of the Coca-Cola logo, which has been around since 1885. If you get it right the first time, you’ll never need to change it.

While you do want a simple, maybe even elegant logo, you don’t want to have a logo that is too simplistic. Visual tricks can be very effective. Take for instance the logo of the Spartan Golf Club.

A simple round logo, it is unique in that it shows both a golfer mid-swing and the helmet-clad head of a Spartan Warrior.

Another perhaps more famous logo with an interesting visual effect is that of FedEx.

You may not have immediately noticed the forward pointing arrow built into the negative space of their logo. Most people don’t see it at first, at least consciously. But the nearly subliminal message is that they are forward-thinking and on-the-go.

Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) is legendary for their Automobiles, and even their motorcycles. There is some debate, but some people say that the BMW logo actually is an airplane propeller. Many people think the four sections in the center of the BMW logo are meant to represent a fast-spinning white propeller against the blue sky.

Although BMW did start out making plane engines, that isn't the real meaning of the blue and white sections. Turns out they simply represent the colors of the Bavarian flag. Simple but effective.

Of course, everyone is familiar with the famous Amazon logo. Depicting the Amazon name with a clever smile/arrow running from the A-to-Z. It shows Amazon to be user-friendly and carrying everything from A-to-Z.

Take a closer look at logos, they may surprise you.