Russo’s is a produce and Flower Shop in Watertown, Boston, and each year, they entertain shoppers with Christmas music. They normally bring in professional musicians for this purpose. However, this year, one of their employees, Guilherme “Gilly” Assuncao, offered to help with the Sound Check and they couldn’t believe his amazing voice. Since then, Gilly has been stopping shoppers in their tracks, moved as they listen to him sing.

Flower shop worker stops people in their tracks

Karen Russo, the chief marketing officer at Russo’s, said that when Gilly started singing, all the employees were totally blown away and many were crying.

Now as well as his normal job, Gilly has been hired to sing in the store.

As reported by the Sacramento Bee, Russo’s posted a video on their Facebook page on Tuesday with 23-year-old Gilly singing “O Holy Night” on his Saturday shift which has rapidly gone viral, with 55,000 views at the time of writing. Another video made on Sunday also went viral.

From washing dishes to entertaining the crowd

Assuncao started out at Russo’s six months ago, washing the dishes in their bar. Now he still makes deliveries for the store, but he also sings and entertains the shoppers. While normally shoppers are in a frenzied rush to get that last minute Christmas gift, when they head into Russo’s and hear Gilly’s voice, they slow down and listen to his operatic tones, moved by the music.

The business’s owner, Tony Russo, told the Boston Globe, said he had no idea about Assuncao’s singing talent until he heard him sing the well known Andrea Bocelli song late on Friday night.

Engineering student with a dream to become a professional singer

Assuncao was an engineering student in Brazil and sometimes sang as a professional singer, but was finding it hard to continue his studies there.

He came to the U.S. in 2015, and while he has been working in the produce and flower shop until now, he finally has a singing gig for the holidays.

The Sacramento Bee quotes Gilly as telling McClatchy that it has always been his dream to become a musician and make a living from singing, but he knew it would be difficult. While he has no idea what to expect from his singing gig at Russo’s, he said he was very grateful for the support he is receiving.

Gilly said that he honestly cannot explain his excitement right now. He said it is so many feelings, all at once, but he is definitely happy this Christmas, as he never thought this would happen to him.