In recent years, some Christians have gone on a campaign to keep Christ in Christmas because they believe the secular world is trying to X him out. The world of faith and the secular collide with each other every day and there is no reason they cannot do the same during the holidays. Those who desire to maintain the religious aspects of the season can do so without declaring war on nonbelievers. These five suggestions will help you enjoy the holidays to the fullest without being offended or distressed with those who desire to celebrate it differently or not at all.

There is absolutely no need to clash with anyone about the birth of Jesus.

Live and let live, shine your light, and keep the birds from building a nest

Every day in our neighborhoods, on the job, and at school, we encounter Americans who think differently than we do. This is in regard to many things and not limited to religion. If someone says they decorate a tree and give gifts without believing in the birth of Christ it is their right to do so. The first suggestion is to live and let live by allowing others to make their own choices regarding Christmas. The second is to let your light shine as Christ commanded. Live your life as an example instead of judging and policing others. Remember your custom is not the same as someone else's.

There is an old saying that we cannot stop birds from flying over our heads but we can keep them from building a nest.The third way believers can keep Christ in Christmas is by not engaging with those who don't celebrate the holiday as you do. Don't argue or point out scriptures that you believe validate your point of view.

Stay away from social media rants and just live a life filled with love and goodwill towards everyone.

You do you and surround yourself with familiar reminders

The fourth way to keep Christ in your personal celebration is to simply do you.

Whatever makes you feel closer to Him and brings you joy is where your focus should be. If decorating your house, visiting a senior center, trimming the tree, attending a holiday pageant and or listening to Christian carols gets you in the holiday mood then do it. The final suggestion is to surround yourself with familiar reminders of your personal faith. Set out a nativity scene in your home or on your lawn or a sign that says Keep Christ in Christmas.

Watch the holiday television programming that encourages you, read heartwarming Christmas stories, drink eggnog and or bake your favorite dessert. Read the Birth Of Christ from the Bible and keep your focus on that which brings you peace. The bottom line is that you have the right to express your faith and so does everyone else, even those who have none.