The holidays are upon us and as usual, there is an item geared towards children that can't be kept on the shelves. This season it is Fingerlings which are reported to be one of the top selling toys for Christmas 2017. These adorable yet curious looking little monkeys cling to your finger. Gone are the days of GI Joe and Barbie being the choice of most boys and girls for many decades. Today's children desire novelty items whose names probably will not be remembered in years to come. For now, however, Fingerlings are selling off the shelves and will be stocking stuffers or sitting underneath many Christmas trees.

Fingerlings are big for Christmas 2017

A Fingerling is no longer just the term for a small fish or odd-shaped potato but is now a toy monkey that can cling to the fingers.

This product is billed as "Friendship at your fingertips" and comes in an array of colors with each hue having its own name. Bella is pink, Boris is blue, Finn is black, Mia is purple, Zoe is turquoise and Sophie is white. You can purchase this item from the official Fingerling website or from Novas deals online. The price ranges from $9.99 to $16.99.

Fingerlings are being touted as a big item for Christmas 2017 but beware of scammers. It has been reported that fake Fingerlings are popping up in some retail stores and they are of poor quality. One was sold through Walmart's online division and, when contacted, the company said they were looking into it. To be sure you get the real deal, it may be best to order directly from the official website for the toy monkeys.

Each year popular toys become more curious

There was a time when parents, for generations, purchased the same toys for their children for Christmas. Bicycles, skates, dolls, and toy soldiers thrilled boys and girls for hundreds of years. Today's tech-savvy child does not have the attention span to sit for hours working a puzzle, playing checkers or jack rocks.

We are now in a generation that loves whatever is trending, and when the hype is over it's tossed aside for the next new thing. Toy monkey's that cling to fingertips will probably not be around long, but for 2017 they are indeed one of the most popular selling items.

If you decide to purchase one of these adorable yet curious looking toys, just remember to watch out for scams and make sure you purchase a legitimate item.

Fingerlings are alleged to be sold out in the retail stores of "Toys R Us," "Walmart," and "Target." They have been bought up so they can be resold at a higher price. It's a shame, but there is too often a Grinch lurking around the corner waiting to ruin the holiday and steal someone's Christmas.