There are many health and wellness Tips out on the internet, but some of them are complicated or expensive. Many an old 'housewives' tale does actually help your health. Some modern research has also pinpointed a few tips that can benefit your life. Read on to find out five of the strangest ones you maybe never thought about.

1. Caffeine helps you nap better

Most people look to coffee as a way to help one stay awake during a long day at work, or during overtime. However, napping right after drinking a cup of coffee will help give one a more restful and deeper sleep.

The reason for this is that the effect of caffeine does not happen immediately. So, before the effect kicks in, hurry to a comfy sofa in the office, or a sleeping pod and hit the snooze button! Besides the other well-known benefits of drinking coffee, taking a fifteen to twenty-minute nap after drinking a cup will definitely help you wake up feeling much more refreshed!

2. Tell fewer lies and fall sick less often

Whenever one's parents say that telling lies are wrong and are not good for little children, this statement turns out to actually be true! Research done by the University of Notre Dame stated that research participants who tell fewer lies over the course of ten weeks have reported better physical and physiological health.

Perhaps due to the fact that liars often face the stress of having to cover up their lies and the guilt of actually lying to another, liars have higher probabilities of falling ill. To improve your health, be more honest with yourself and others!

3. Flush with a closed toilet lid

Closing the lid when one flushes after using the toilet is a good practice to have.

Water in the toilet bowl contains lots of feces and germs that you would definitely not want to get on your face, or on any of your toiletries. Is your toothbrush placed near your toilet bowl? You would not want any of the water from your toilet bowl splashing onto it!

4. Reduce usage of micro-bacterial soap

Bottles of soap that advertise the claims to kill off 99.9 percent of germs are seemingly great as it will leave you feeling clean.

Yet, these soaps often contain many harsh chemicals such as triclosan that causes the imbalance of hormones when you utilize them in the long run. Using regular soap and water, and washing one's hands thoroughly is still the best way to remove traces of germs and bacteria.

5. Get a fur pal!

Dogs (and cats) are indeed man's best friend. Dog owners tend to get more exercise whenever they walk their dogs and are often less likely to have cardiovascular diseases. Cat owners also have reduced risks of getting fatal heart attacks as compared to people who do not own cats. Stroking puppies and kittens may help reduce one's levels of stress and possibly help pet owners feel happier.

Try these five strange tips that could help improve your health and share your thoughts!