Animals are special and there are times when they establish a special bond with humans. We have read stories of how animals remained loyal to their owners by helping them in many different ways. Some animals won't leave their master's side. Others will stay with their human friends even after death.

Yes, some animals literally mourn the death of their masters in a very touching way. Here are stories of some Pets who loved their owners so much.

1. Toldo, the cat

The cat named Toldo visited his master's grave for almost a year. When Reno Iozzelli died, Toldo continued showing his love to Reno by taking him gifts to his grave every day.

According to Reno's wife, Ada, the cat would take little twigs, leaves, plastic cups, toothpicks, and just anything that he can find. Because of his daily trip to the grave, the cat got tired and the cold outdoors gave him bronchitis. It's a good thing that the cat has finally moved on and is now living with Reno's wife.

2. Capitan, the German Shepherd

A loyal German Shepherd named Capitan, watched his master's grave for six years. Capitan was adopted by Miguel Guzman in 2005 for his son Damian.

But in 2006, Miguel passed away. The family noticed that Capitan also went missing and they found him crying and barking near Miguel's grave.

When the clock strikes 6 o'clock, the dog will leave the house and go to the grave. He will stay there until morning. Damian said that Capitan is watching his dad and might probably die on his father's grave too.

3. Tommy, the German Shepherd

Another German Shepherd remained loyal to his master until her death. The dog named Tommy goes to mass every day at the church where his master's funeral was held.

Although Maria Margherita Lochi had many pets, she was able to establish a special bond with Tommy. When Maria was still alive, she would go to church with Tommy. After Maria's death, Tommy still made it a habit to attend mass daily.

4. Hawkeye, the Labrador

Hawkeye is a Labrador owned by Petty Officer Jon Tumilson. Unfortunately, he was one of the 38 officers who was killed in a U.S. helicopter crash in Afghanistan. Hawkeye was heartbroken and he would lie next to the casket. He even refused to let the casket go.

Hawkeye was then adopted by Tumilson's friend, Scott Nichols

5. Tommy, the dog

A dog in Chennai named Tommy sat near his teenage master's grave for a fortnight. He was waiting for eight-year-old Bhaskar to return but he never did. Bhaskar died in a road accident which left the dog brokenhearted. While waiting for his master to come back, Tommy stayed near the grave despite the sun and rain. He also refused to eat and starved himself while mourning.