Let's talk about the term Friend Zone. A decent catch-all that brings out the photo of a sweet, delicate fellow watching pitifully out to ocean while you, the woman he adores, traipses around town with another man. All he needs to do is influence you to blend tapes of his most loved outside the box groups and demonstrate to you his uncommon gathering of first-release Dylan Thomas hardcovers, however NO. You simply need to be "friends". You simply need to appreciate his conversation without likewise feeling the need to have sex with him.

The expression "friend zone" has turned out to be so settled in our way of life that it's never addressed.

A brisk scan for self-improvement articles scattered all over the internet pointed toward men gave us insight that the "friend zone" is a standard concentration of numerous articles that go by the likes of “how to maintain a strategic distance from the friend zone”, “how to know you're in the friend zone”, “what to do in case you're in the friend zone”, so on and so forth. It's practical as though nobody is halting to think what this term is stating to ladies, or how it influences us, and to be honest, the entire concept of it is quite hilarious.Here is a list of views and opinions of people about the infamous friend zone which is sure to leave you in splits.


The truth never hit closer to home with this one.

10/10 agree with my dude here.


This cutie has her priorities and her logic straight. School them, girl.


When you find out you’ve been good friends with someone you thought was actually nice to you but they just wanted to get into your pants.

Ulterior much?


Anti-creep spray. Maximum power. Extensive damage. Much burn.


There are definitely a lot of guys who do value having women as friends and do not succumb to the skewed views and perspectives of society, but there are a lot more creeps out there who get easily butthurt.

Here’s the remedy. Let this sink in.


This has got to be the most savage reply to a close-minded douchebag. Somebody phone the paramedics because this burn is third degree.


How to school creeps and weirdos without actually verbally engaging their dumb selves 101.


The actual definition of what friend zone is versus what and how you are taught to feel about it by the popular culture. This is what it boils down to.


Moment of clarity, ladies, and gentlemen.

This is the bitter pill that self-entitled creeps refuse to swallow. Such cry-babies.


If a person thought you were actually all the person ever wanted in a sexually appealable way, then you’d be in bed with them. Off context, Jerry Smith reference relatability intensifies.