In a recent interview, Professor Stephen Hawking has cautioned that the time is not too far off when Artificial Intelligence will rule supreme. It will create a new genre of work culture where the delinking of Human Beings will be inevitable. AI could even outperform them, and it is quite probable that it could replace the humans. In his opinion, the future will look up to artificial intelligence for solutions.

The professor has advised people to accept the fact, and take more interest in this branch of science to avoid being sidetracked. He has added that AI would be a vital element for the colonization of other planets.

Artificial Intelligence is the future

Daily Mail UK reports that, according to Professor Stephen Hawking, the point of no return has arrived. Artificial Intelligence is making inroads into all walks of life to edge out human beings which can spell danger. The global population is increasing, and that could lead to a situation where AI can force its way in.

Professor Hawking has, in the past, expressed fears about the rise of AI and the likely consequences on humans. In October last year, he had cautioned that time could come when AI could be free of humans. It could begin to work on its own, free of human interference leading to conflict situations.

He had made these observations in October 2016 while speaking at The Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence in Cambridge.

Possibilities are unlimited

Professor Stephen Hawking believes that the progress in the field Artificial Intelligence is quite rapid having unlimited possibilities. A computer can, at times, be as effective as the human brain, and AI could pave the way for the emergence of powerful autonomous weapons which will be a matter of concern.

AI has changed the industrial scene, and human beings have already been eliminated from many areas where there is a repetition of activities. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence in space exploration is history with the Mars rover Curiosity working nonstop for the last five years on the Red Planet. Colonization of planets is also on the agenda where AI is expected to play a major role.

Robotics is a direct application of AI, and exhibitions are held regularly in different countries to encourage experts to come up with innovative ideas. Robots have invaded the domain of healthcare, and experiments are underway to popularize the concept of robot pets.

The consequences of an AI dominated world have been depicted in Sci-fi movies, and such a scenario is not desirable. The human brain must be in control all the time because everything cannot be left to AI, else the very survival of humans could be at stake.