Want a friend? Need a shoulder to cry on or a hand to high-five for your latest accomplishment? Look no further than your computer or phone, because it’s possible for you to meet your next friend within 10 minutes of reading this article.

However, there is a price. Literally.

Making friends with the internet and a credit card

According to the Toronto Star, a little-known service is available for people who are looking to make new friends without having to go through all of the normal social cues, rules, and norms.

Rentafriend.com is a website offering to connect people to make friends.

Except, the service isn’t a dating site where people mutually agree to go out with each other. Instead, customers are actually paying money to rent somebody to be their friend.

According to the website, prices starting at $10 an hour, plus the cost of belonging to the service, you can contact people close to you and get to know them on the internet. Once you’re comfortable with the person, the two of you can agree to meet up somewhere, get to know each other better, and socialize.

We’re just friends

Rentafriend.com is adamant that they are not a dating or escort service. They are like a matchmaking service, but strictly for people interested in platonic relationships.

There are many reasons why people may want to rent a friend.

Perhaps there is a concert or sporting event they don’t want to attend alone. Or, perhaps they have a skill or language you want to learn, so you arrange for a regular friendship and language meeting.

Rentafriends.com site offers a plethora of reasons why people may want to pay some cash for a new friend.

While the company says they are focused solely on platonic relationships, the individual listings for friends also list the potential friend's body types.

And there were more than a few photos flexing dudes and cute (-ish) poses by women. However, the site does prohibit any type of provocative photography.

Is a friend still a friend when the money stops?

So, what happens when your “friend hour” is over? Are you still friends or was it more of a paid adult “play date?” Nothing in the service prevents people from seeing each other outside of the service, except the new paid “friend” won’t be paid for their time.

It all depends on how the customer and the new “friend” get along, and if they decide they want to hang out together outside of the site. One thing the site will do is let users know who their true friends are versus the ones who like them for the paycheck.

There’s somebody for everybody

So, if the thought of paying for a friend doesn’t turn you off, then give it a shot and see how it works out. A look through the listings show you might find somebody to teach you about healthy eating, talk about the latest conspiracy theories, or simply talk over some of your latest ideas.

Besides, you can never have too many friends. Building a strong network of support is key to a healthy life, and they can even help you make money.

However, there is always going to be the time when you have to explain how you met.