Some people considered them mad, some others had predicted the failure of Francoise and Claude Herve, but this young French couple finally achieved their goal. Their journey began on April 1, 1980, and even though they thought it would end in about three years, it ended 14 years later, on 4 June 1994. They cycled more than 150.000 kilometers, shot almost 35.000 pictures, changed 503 bicycle tires, and brought to life a healthy girl called Manon.

A newspaper article was just the beginning

The reason that Francoise and Claude Herve started thinking seriously about cycling around the world on their bikes was a newspaper article which described the feat of a Frenchman, who had just managed to make his way around the world on his bike in three years.

The reason they decided to change their way of living

The reasons they decided to change their way of living were many. According to Francoise, however, the 21-year-old decoration student, and Claude Herve, the 25-year-old orthopedic technician, their decision was not sudden. It was not a dream that came suddenly true, but something like a fruit that matures over time.

The preparations for their trip

Before Francoise and Claude Herve leave their country back for many years, they:

  • Consulted with experienced cyclists,
  • they conducted a training course on special, custom-made bicycles,
  • started to exercise daily,
  • sold their property,
  • did intensive English language lessons,
  • visited the embassies and other organizations,
  • designed the route they would follow on a map.
  • did all the necessary medical exterminations and all the vaccines, and
  • commissioned Francoise parents to receive their correspondence and settle their tax pending issues

The difficulties they faced

The difficulties Francoise and Claude Herve faced during their long trip were many.

They risked being imprisoned for six months, fell victim to armed robbers, were injured, and more, but managed to achieve their goal.

The route they followed

Francloise and Claude Herve traveled from the East to the West and from the North to the South. In fact, they visited more than 50 countries during their journey. Among these countries was the United States of America, Australia, Greece, China, Finland, Mexico, and Spain.

Their return determined by two reasons

Francoise and Claud returned to France when they completed their journey around the world and when their daughter reached her school age. recently reported that they have produced a book about their adventures called "Around the world by bike."