From dial-up internet and AOL instant messenger to the boy band heartthrobs—ahem, *NSYNC and Boyz II Men—that graced our CDs, the 90s were a hella cool time to be alive. Nothing brings us back to this decade like the epic Snacks of our youth. Some of these tasty treats are still around, while sadly others no longer exist in the grocery store.

If you remember watching Saturday morning cartoons from Nickelodeon while feeding your Tamagotchi, then there’s a good chance these foods will kick up dust in your memory. While most all of these were junk food, they still hold a special place in our hearts and stomach.

So let’s turn back time to our list of 20 nostalgic foods that will make you crave the 90s, and see some of your forgotten favorites.

1. Heinz EZ Squirt Ketchup

Why settle for traditional red ketchup when you can cover your food in blue, purple, and green condiments? EZ Squirt was a colorful way to brighten up your meal. It started with ‘Blastin’ Green’ based off the first Shrek movie but was discontinued in 2006.

2. 3D Doritos

Somehow adding another dimension to the already addictive Doritos made them that much better. Plus, it came with a connected cup to pour out these 3D treats.

These futuristic chips were pulled in the 2000s, but you can grab a bag of Bugles and pretend.

3. Sunny Delight

Parents loved that this drink was full of vitamins, while kids loved its sugary taste. After a child turned yellow, Sunny D was taken off the shelves and given a recipe reboot.

Now it’s back with more sugar than ever.

4. French Toast Crunch

Enjoy all the French toast goodness without ever touching a stove. This maple-flavored breakfast cereal was a household staple in the 90s. It was retired in 2006 and then brought back by popular demand in 2014.

5. Planters Cheez Balls

Fingers everywhere mourn for the dusty orange coating from these Cheez Balls. Those neon balls of goodness vanished in 2006, but some copycat brands still exist.

6. Ring Pops

Sorry Tiffany’s, Ring Pops were the big hit for candy rings in the 90s. This sweet jewel is still available in stores, though not as many sticky fingers adorn them anymore.

7. Oreo O’s Cereal

A bowl of Oreo O’s was the perfect way to justify eating cookies for breakfast.

Unfortunately, this cereal was taken out of stores in 2007, but the cookies live on.

8. Totino’s Pizza Rolls

The after-school snack that every kid raced home to eat. As an adult, you’re more likely to chow down on them after a night out, but the cheesy taste remains the same.

9. Fruit String Thing

String Things are as sweet as they are nostalgic. These gummy fruits were delicious and fun to play with. You could peel off different shapes or create your own.

This unique snack has left stores, but other fruit and gummy options still exist.

10. Hi-C Ecto Cooler

With ties to Slimer from Ghostbusters, this orange-flavored drink was famous for its green color. The beverage continued past the show but was discontinued in 1997.

11. Baby Bottle Pop

As if a sugary lollipop wasn’t enough, Baby Bottle Pops provided that extra powdered sugar to it dip in. You can still find these suckers at most gas stations with a range of fruity and sour flavors to choose from.

12. Yoplait Trix Yogurt

Why settle for one flavor of yogurt when you can have two? Strawberry banana, cotton candy, and raspberry rainbow were just a few classic combinations swirling around in your cup.

13. Dunkaroos

What’s better than a package of cookies? Dunkaroos—a package of cookies you can dip in some frosting. After a heartbreaking disappearance in 2012, these animals cookies are making a sneaky comeback in the USA thanks to our friends in the North.

14. Wonder Balls

In the 90s, eating through a ball of chocolate earned you a reward at the center like a toy or tattoo. After these prizes were deemed choking hazards, Wonder Balls were temporarily pulled from shelves and rebooted with candy in the middle.

15. Hubba Bubba Bubble Jug

Because one stick of gum is not enough.

Hubba Bubba Bubble gave you a full jug of gum dust to guzzle down.

16. Squeezit

Chances are there was no actual fruit in this brightly colored fruit drink, but you were probably more focused on the fun twist top. Squeezit was taken off the market in 2001, but Koolaid Bursts are a close replacement.

17. Gogurt

Late for a shred session with your friends? Or maybe you want to eat without taking your hands off your Nintendo Game Boy? This tubed yogurt was the perfect on the go snack.

18. Lunchables

Thankfully this semi-nutritious lunch is still on the market so that you can continue toting them in your metal lunch box. The classic options like ham and cheese, nachos, and pizza that are still around today. However, only the 90s had the infamous Taco Bell Lunchables.

19. Fruit by the Foot

True to its commercial, this fruit snack lasted and lasted.

At an astounding three feet long, you could snack on one Fruit by the Foot all school day long. Next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up a box and enjoy the fruity goodness.

20. Ouch! Gum

Your medical skills started early with these sticks of gum wrapped to look like Band-Aids. The classic watermelon, grape, and strawberry flavors still exist, but now include bubblegum and a new package design.

Hopefully, this nostalgic blast from the past isn’t too hard on your taste buds. While some of these products like Lunchables and Baby Bottle Pops still grace shelves everywhere, lunch boxes everywhere will never be the same with the missing 90s snacks of your childhood.