It is not good news for Surface Book fans as there is news that the company will not Launch the Surface Book 2 anytime soon, as per KitGuru. The company has officially delayed the launch of the second version of Surface Book. Notably, Microsoft is expected to hold an event titled, “Future Decoded” next month. The company might release a number of products in this event. It is rumored that the firm might be planning on launching a Black color variant of its Surface Book.

Design of the laptop

The upcoming Surface Book is believed to pack a premium design.

Tech Advisor reported that Microsoft wouldn't be changing the design of the device so much as improve on the hinge. Many owners of the original Surface Book complained that the process to unhinge the keyboard was not an easy one. Owners of the original Surface Book have posted complaints about how the detaching process is not smooth. Thus, the firm is expected to offer a solution to this problem. Microsoft might implement a decluttered way to take the keyboard off. Microsoft dropped a hint in March this year, stating that its Surface Book 2 will not be hybrid by nature. Unlike its predecessor, it will be a proper laptop.

Display of the device

The company will integrate its Book 2 with a better screen.

The device is expected to feature a widescreen with support for the 4K resolution and pixel resolution of 3,840 x 2,160. The display will also include VP9 and HEVC 10-bit decode technology. This will deliver an impeccable gaming experience.

Performance of the laptop

The Book 2 is going to be powered by Intel’s latest set of Kaby Lake processors.

It will further be accompanied by Thunderbolt 3 system for speedier functionality. It is pretty obvious that the laptop will come with the freshest version of Windows 10 (Creators Update) software. The update includes an improved Cortana experience, newer features, and support for modern-day technologies like Augmented and Virtual Realities.


According to a report by The Inquirer, Book 2 is expected to carry a hefty price-tag. The starting price for which might be around $1,449. This will make the device much more expensive than Microsoft’s Surface Pro. Since Apple announced the renewal of its iMac systems, there is a need from Microsoft to come up with a worthy successor. There is tremendous pressure on the company as they are also working towards the launch of a Surface Phone. Book 2 fans have to wait a bit more for the device.