Many men wish they were taller than they are, and it can be an added advantage for a basketball player. But not many of them are aware that giants exist in Real Life, and they live with us. Kids grow reading story books, some of them having giants as characters. The tall beings are fascinating to humanity. Here are the people who stand some feet above us and make us feel like dwarfs, and were awarded by Guinness Book of World Records for their height.

1. Sultan Kosen

According to Gazette Review, Sultan Kosen is 34, and he is the tallest man alive.

He is also the fifth tallest human that has ever lived and a Turkish gentleman. His height was caused by a tumor that affected his pituitary gland, but it was removed, thanks to the modern medical technics. The doctors used radio-surgery to remove the tumor and confirmed that the process was successful in 2012. He was declared the world’s tallest man in 2009, and he travels around the world. He lives a normal and healthy life but gets tired easily when he stands for long.

Height: 8 Feet 3 Inches

2. Brahim Takioullah

Brahim holds the record as one of the tallest people in the world. According to Top 10 Twist, Brahim was born on 1982 in the Southern town of Guelmin, Morocco. He lived a healthy life until he was 13 when he began growing rapidly.

Brahim holds the world record for largest feet. He suffers from Acromegaly, and it’s the reason for his unusual growth. One thing about him, he doesn’t experience mobility problems like some of his fellow giants. The Moroccan native experiences difficulties when boarding a taxi or a train. He is polite and happy about his situation.

Height: 8 Feet I Inch

3. Morteza Mehzrad

Mehzrad is the third tallest man in the world, the tallest in Iran and the tallest Paralympian, according to Gazette Review. 30-year-old Morteza helped Iran win a Gold medal in 2016’s Rio Summer Paralympic games. The giant was normal until he injured his pelvis after he had a bicycle accident when 16.

His left leg is six inches taller than his right one, and he is unable to walk without assistance. He is healthy though, and he plays sitting volleyball in Iran and even coaches other players.

Height: 8 Feet 1 Inch

4. Zhang Juncai

Zhan Juncai is the tallest Chinese man, and among the Tallest Men in the world. According to We Selection, he was born in 1983, and he is actively involved in social activities such as performances and appears on TV shows. He says he loves his home and his life revolves around it. He has met the fattest man in China, Liang Yong and Yao Defen, a giant woman. Juncai is described as a genuine person with a friendly heart. His close friend is another tall man, Bao Xishun who is 7 feet and 9 inches tall.

Height: 7 Inch 11 Feet