Have you waited until the very last possible minute before getting yourself a Halloween costume this year? Need some inspiration before the festivities begin? Look no further, I've got you covered with these five ideas perfect for all you procrastinators. These can even be made the day of!

These are ranked from easiest and comfiest to needing the most time.

1. Purrito (Cat + Burrito)

This is by far the coziest costume ever, and ensures you will be the warmest person at the party. Or, watching scary movies on TV with your pals, if that's your scene.

All you will need is some cat ears and a fuzzy blanket. If you don't have cat ears lying around, I've still got you covered. You can quickly make this costume with some paper, tape, and a headband. Cut two equal triangles with a tab on the end from the paper, and cut a little slit up the middle of each triangle. Curve the ears in using the slits to make the ears round, this will make them look slightly more professional. Tape each ear together on the slit, then tape them using the tab to the headband. You could use felt or craft foam for the ears too, and hot glue rather than tape if you want them to be a little sturdier. Don your new cat ears and wrap yourself up in the blanket. You are a purrito!

Bonus points if you get a real burrito to accessorize.

2. "Running Late"

This costume is super Easy. You can wear whatever you like, but to add to the effect I recommend wearing sweats, yoga pants, or pajamas. Put your hair up in a messy bun and get yourself a big coffee. For an added touch, wear a watch that doesn't work. These are easy to get at a thrift shop.

If anyone asks what you are that day, tell them you are "running late". Get it?

3. Super Easy Devil

One of the most iconic Halloween costumes ever, a red devil is really simple to recreate. You need a red dress and some DIY horns. Similar to the, you will need a headband, some tape or glue, and red paper, craft foam, or a stiff felt.

You could even use white paper and color the section you need with a red pen or nail polish. Cut out two equal horn shapes from the material and flip one over to get two horns facing towards each other. Remember to add a tab at the bottom of each horn. Using the tab, attach the horns to the headband. Swipe on a red lipstick and you have a simple and cute devilish costume!

4. Wednesday Addams

Both creepy and cute, dressing up as Wednesday is really quite simple. We all have a plain black dress somewhere in our closet, so all you need to get for the costume is a white collared shirt. If you don't have one, borrow from a friend/boyfriend/boy friend/dad or get one from a local thrift store. You can wear the shirt under your dress with the collar out, but if that will be too hot, you can cut the shirt around the collar, leaving enough of the shirt to tuck under the neckline of the dress.

Braid your hair in two plaits with a center part. You could pin or tape the collar and the dress together, but as long as you aren't dancing too frantically, it should stay in place once buttoned up. Make sure for pictures you have that classic Wednesday Addams dead-eyed stare!

5. Quick Fairy

If you love all things magical, a simple fairy costume is the one for you. You'll need your favorite summery or floral dress. Make an easy pair of wings by getting two yards of white fabric. You could even use a rectangular scarf. Safety pin the halfway point of the fabric to the back of the dress and pin the ends to a couple of elastic hair ties or stretchy bracelets to hold them onto your arms. For a final touch, make a flower crown if you didn't buy one during music festival season.

There are tons of tutorials available on YouTube, but the simplest way is to get some fake flowers from the dollar or craft store, cut the flowers from the stems and hot glue them on to a headband.

Now there is no excuse to show up on Halloween without a costume!

For more ideas, check out my Harry Potter inspired costumes. So what will you be?

Happy Halloween!